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Pink Poppy Media

We believe you have a unique story

...that should be captured and shared. Whether it is your products or your passion for your business, we work with you to showcase something that cannot be duplicated, YOU! Together we will plan a session that captures your personality in its entirety. And one thing we promise, we will have fun doing it! No matter if you love photos or feel they are something you “have to do” we will leave you with plenty of laughs and fun memories.


Luminous Medical Aesthetics was founded on a deep passion for discovering each patient's unique and desired aesthetics goals. Working together to develop a customized treatment plan, that recognizes and enhances each patient's natural beauty. While using FDA approved injectable procedures and facial/body rejuvenation techniques that create long-lasting results. Doing so allowing positivity, confidence, and uplifting inner and outer beauty wellness to shine through. 

Smiling Professional Looking Woman
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